ChatGPT, already the end of it

ChatGPT, already the end of it. We hardly knew you. RIP.

extrait : "Weeks after The New York Times updated its terms of service (TOS) to prohibit AI companies from scraping its articles and images to train AI models, it appears that the Times may be preparing to sue OpenAI. The result, experts speculate, could be devastating to OpenAI, including the destruction of ChatGPT's dataset and fines up to $150,000 per infringing piece of content."

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The Android side (II)

In fact, the most basic problem with Android Studio for someone who never used before, is how bad the default application sample is. This is known territory, if you remember Visual Studio, it came with a /samples folder full of rubbish code samples. But the default application is just bad. It does not do anything meaningful, it uses a bad layout model (constrained layout) ; it also does not come with simple code snippets for logging stuff in the output console, or show a modal box. In a nutshell, it does not come with anything relevant for someone who never used it before.
The crap does not stop here, suffice to say. But Android Studio could come a long way with a better, useable, default application sample.

Oh and by the way, if it came with all gradle run-time and one or two virtual devices, all packed in the sample installer, that would also make it less crazy like sometimes it seems building a trivial project requires the download of many pieces, none of which you asked for.

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The Android side

Since yesterday, I have started delving around the Android world, namely Android studio and the like. I'm sorry, but coming from the Visual Studio world, Android studio is a steeming pile of shit, and every moment of it, like everything you click on, is so bad and incorrect in design that it feels like an ad for Apple X-code.
There you go Google.

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xlsgen : Advanced data labels (II)

Build of xlsgen introduces additional features to data labels, this time the ability to set a custom shape to the whole series of data points, or only one data point.

Custom data label shapes

xlsgen reads, writes, renders, and exposes in the automatic source code generation tool (xlscodegen.exe) this new feature. It is available for all XLSX/XLSB files. Notably it is not available for XLS files because Excel does not create internal records for this XLS files. This feature was made available by Microsoft first back in Excel 2013, as noted here.

Here is how to set a custom data label shape for an entire series of data points :

chart->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->VectorShape = xlsgen::vectorshapetypeEllipse;

And here is how to do it for a single data point :

chart->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->DataLabelElements[3]->VectorShape = xlsgen::vectorshapetypeOctagon;

Shape types are to be chosen from the following enumVectorShape enumeration.

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xlsgen : Advanced data labels

Build of xlsgen introduces advanced data labels in charts.

Data labels leader lines (in red)

It is made of the following :

- Exposure in the object model, Read, Write, and exposure in the automatic source code generation tool (xlscodegen.exe) of data labels leader lines (see picture above), which are used to draw lines between data labels with custom positions and the actual chart data. This is for all Excel files (XLS, XLSX, XLSB, ...)

With this exposure, leader line formatting (color, width, style) can be accessed with the following type of code :


chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->Show = xlsgen::datalabels_value;
chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->Type = xlsgen::chartbordertype_custom;
chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->Style = xlsgen::chartborderstyle_solid;
chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->Weight = xlsgen::chartborderweight_thick;
chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->Color = 0x00B0F0;

- Exposure of arrow/symbol formatting at the end of leader lines, both ends. Read, Write, and also exposure in the automatic source code generation tool (xlscodegen.exe). This is for all Excel files (XLS, XLSX, XLSB, ...). With this, as pictured above, you can add a symbol such as a triangle. And it works like this with a couple lines of code :


chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->ArrowStyleBeginCap->Style = xlsgen::vectorshapearrowstyle_triangle;
chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->ArrowStyleBeginCap->Width = xlsgen::vectorshapearrowwidth_medium;
chart002s1->SeriesByIndex[1]->SeriesDataLabels->LeaderLinesOptions->Patterns->Borders->ArrowStyleBeginCap->Length = xlsgen::vectorshapearrowlength_medium;

- Extension of data label leader lines to chart types other than pie charts. Before Excel 2013, data label leader lines were exposed in Excel but only for pie charts (and their variants such as the doughnut). With Excel 2013, Excel extended the data label leader lines to all chart types, that is, bars, lines, XY charts, ...

What xlsgen does is provide Read and Write support for this as well. Also, what xlsgen does additionally is to render those formatted data label leader lines for all chart types. This comes at no cost for a client application since not even one line of code is needed for that.

Last but not least, it is important, as xlsgen keeps adding a lot of micro details API to the object model, which can be daunting to learn, grasp and handle, it is reminded that in fact the best way to get your job done is by using a particular feature by hand in Excel, saving the file, and then using our automatic source code generation tool (xlscodegen.exe) in order to obtain the corresponding source code, in one of many of the supported programming languages. It cannot be faster this way.

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xlsgen : Performance fix pack (III)

Build of xlsgen is a memory and speed performance again. It improves up to x5 the speed of writing XLSX/XLSB files with many relationships, such as files with many hyperlinks (but not only this scenario).

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xlsgen : Behavior of worksheet deletion

Build of xlsgen makes a change in behavior when a worksheet is deleted.

Before this build, when a worksheet was deleted, its content would be internally erased, but the worksheet itself would still appear as part of the worksheet collection of the current workbook. And only when closing the workbook would the worksheet be actually not written back in the file, hence the worksheet deletion.

Beginning with this build, a worksheet deleted by a statement such as worksheet.Delete() immediately disappear from the worksheet collection, making it more natural to program worksheets.

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xlsgen : Performance fix pack (II)

Build of xlsgen adds up on the previous build and improves both speed and memory performance of xlsgen :

- faster reading of files with many shapes

- better scaling of memory when processing many hyperlinks and shapes

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Youtube being anal

When I read this,

extrait : "YouTube is currently running what it describes as a "small experiment globally," warning users to toggle off their ad blockers and avoid being limited to only three video views."

I wonder what wrong must have happened for youtube to be so anal.

Guess what, youtube is now against ad blockers.

Probably everyone saw it coming. First of all, youtube introduced non-stoppable ads and annoyed pretty much every human on the planet with it. I guess ad blockers must have moved to find the filtering rules needed to block those non-stoppable ads, even though I don't see this in practice yet. Youtube must know adblockers made a move, and youtube is now reacting to this move by making sure every fucking user either whitelists youtube or creates a youtube account only to watch videos (just as doomed as twitter asking for an account only to watch tweets).

In the end this is not going to end well for youtube. It's way too hostile.

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xlsgen : Performance fix pack

Build of xlsgen is a performance fix pack, and also contains a fix for cell metadata :

- better handling of XLSX files with many internal relationships (hyperlinks) to avoid GPF case.

- removed most middle layer API calls to traverse relationships, avoiding bottleneck in files with many internal relationships

- refactored code in tables and pivot tables that were indirect bottlenecks as well

Also a fix for cell metadata to better return hit test for cells containing hyperlinks.

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xlsgen : Fix pack for pivot tables

Build of xlsgen is a fix pack for pivot table rendering :

- introduction of Outline and Compact rendering algorithms

- better reading of existing pivot table layout setting from XLSX fles

- cell indent is now 3 space chars instead of 2 space chars, used notably in Compact rendering algorithm

Pivot table rendering has now 3 rendering layout algorithms depending on your choosing : Tabular, Outline and Compact.

Differences is that Outline and Compact don't have subtotals and grandtotals.

Compact has all row fields in a single column (hierarchically), as opposed to one column per row field.

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Mais à quoi sert Windows 11 ?

Depuis un moment, Microsoft spam les utilisateurs de Windows pour qu'ils passent à Windows 11, même lorsque l'ordinateur ne remplit pas les critères de compatibilité.

On le sait, Microsoft a positionné Windows 11 comme un rempart décisif essentiel contre les vulnérabilités, via cette fameuse puce TPM (Trust Platform Module). En gros, si vous voulez éviter une classe entière de vulnérabilités, la puce TPM va permettre de réaliser cette protection et il vous faut donc migrer vers Windows 11.

Sauf que, sauf que...

Voici un petit extrait du patch tuesday, le fameux patch mensuel, daté d'Avril 2023 :

extrait : "Windows et le Patch Tuesday d’avril 2023.
Dans le détail Microsoft corrige 56 vulnérabilités dans Windows 10 21H2 et 22H2 dont cinq sont jugées critique.
De son coté Windows 11 (21H2 et 22H2) est victime de 59 vulnérabilités dont cinq sont jugées critiques. Il s’agit des mêmes failles critiques que celles de Windows 10.

Les mêmes failles dans Windows 11 que Windows 10 ? On nous aurait menti alors ?

Passez votre chemin. Si vous êtes un particulier, le passage à Windows 11 n'a aucun intérêt. Bien sûr, vous serez un jour obligé de le faire car nombre de logiciels tiers vont vous y obliger à terme (Chrome, Firefox, ...) malgré l'absence de fondement technique.

Si vous êtes en entreprise, le message de Microsoft pour faire peur et "forcer" le passage à Windows 11, n'est en pratique qu'un message commercial. Le patch tuesday ci-dessus, choisi au hasard, est un parfait contre-exemple de cette logique commerciale. CQFD.

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Orange telecom versus Elon Musk

I have to say that I am generally offended when Orange CEO, one of the biggest networks in the EU, is telling Elon Musk that information needs to be moderated.

The question that it raises then is why and who is legit to do this censoring work. It would not be so bad if this was said by some random jerk startup guy, but Orange isn't that. Orange has a leg on what many million users see and read with their online connection be it DSL/Fiber or off the air. And such a stand from Orange is unacceptable for me. Everyone should be provided modern (aka powerful) tools so they can preemptively and after-the-fact censor stuff they do not want to see based on their beliefs, but it should never end up censoring what the poster is saying, it should only censor what I as a consumer and citizen see. In other words, I should end up censoring the content that flows to me, because that's after all what my beliefs are compatible with anyway. And that's it.
Anything else is raw vulgar general censorship meant to allow an untold party to govern us. Obviously this is not right. Especially in those times where actually elected people have less power than ever. Those guys can see this general censorship as a tool to get back this lost power. But I believe instead their act should organically bring their elected power back in place and they should not touch free speech at all.

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xlsgen : Fix pack

Build of xlsgen is a fix pack.

- Systematic crash during pivot table generation in XLSX files. This is now fixed.

- Unable to read item groupings from existing pivot tables in XLSX files due to creative usage of XML standard in Excel. This is now fixed too.

- Crash when reading complex pivot tables from XLSB files. Fixed.

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xlsgen : Preserve color themes

Build of xlsgen ensures that color details are preserved as is during read/write and file conversion (such as XLSX to XLSB for instance). This preserves palette indexes, color themes, rgbs, ... along with color effects such as tint, alpha, shade, luminosity modulation. This is for colors in cells and in shapes.

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xlsgen : Print Row and Col headings

Build of xlsgen adds support for rendering row and column headings in scenarios such as Print, export to PDF, XPS, ...

row and column headings in xlsgen

The row and col headings in Excel is in the print settings dialog, sheet tab. And is on a per worksheet basis.

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xlsgen : Fix for horizontal bar chart rendering

Build of xlsgen fixes a problem related to rendering charts with horizontal bars that happen to also be stacked and stretched. Rendering was incorrect and some of the bars could be clipped entirely.

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xlsgen : Preserve custom sheet views

Build of xlsgen adds support for preserving custom sheet views. This was already supported in XLS files, but is now for XLSX and XLSB files.

Custom sheet views are views that have their own zoom level, hidden rows, frozen panes and so on. Custom sheet views can be created in Excel by going to the View menu and clicking on New Window to create a new custom sheet view. All other views are open simultaneously. And to switch which view goes in the foreground, click on Switch windows.

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VLC player lagging ? Just use an older version !

The title says it all. I built a brand new PC computer and the VLC player was part of the software I had to install in order to watch my videos. Turns out that even though this computer is by far the fastest I have had (i5 12400, 3200 Mhz memory, NVME SSD and a 1050 ti nvidia gfx card), my videos in VLC would lag. I would get audio out of sync with images.

Turns out Windows media player did not lag at all, so that would put out of question the fact that files were incorrectly encoded.

Then I turn to google and start finding out if there is a tip that would help solve this. Many answers, mostly copies of one another. And none worked for me.

And then I wondered since I installed the latest version of VLC, what if I installed an older version. Bingo! Instead of 3.x I did install 2.x, and the lag was gone.

So there it is. Don't know what the VLC guys are doing these days, apparently insufficient QA testing, but if you lag, and by that I mean the audio is out of sync with images, then simply try uninstalling your copy of VLC and install an old one, thankfully you can still find it on the VLC site since they host an archive of past releases.

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xlsgen : Strict ISO 29500

Build of xlsgen introduces read and write support for the strict version of XLSX files known as ISO 29500.

This variant is used in corporations out there for compliance purposes. The strict version of XLSX poses less security risk because it does not carry VBA macros. Internally, the XML is also more standard. And there is no pseudo-XML such as VML either.

How to you create such file ? Just like a regular XLSX file, except a property must be toggled before the file is created :

IXlsWorkbook wbk = engine.New("file.xlsx")
wbk.StrictISO29500 = true

IXlsWorksheet wksht = wbk.AddWorksheet("Sheet1)


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