Explicit wreckage of Internet Explorer rendered web pages


Lately i have read a lot of posts and constructive opinions about where the browser war is heading and as a result of the recent MS decisions to stop further IE development as a stand-alone app on Windows, and IE on mac as a whole (which of course might not taken seriously, as i expect them to change anytime soon without notice). In the meantime, it's about how the community could help boost the current IE state-of-the-art, and btw promote alternative browsers.

That's the band wagon of explicit IE wreckage. In other words, any technical way to prevent a web page from getting properly rendered when served to Internet Explorer, while being perfectly rendered using an alternative like Mozilla (Firebird), Opera, ...

Here is how to do it : just add a non-closed tag like <xml> somewhere inside the html code.

Given the simplicity of the technique, one can wonder if the IE development team at Microsoft got slashed away a few years ago, leaving the browser with trivial ways to be corrupted or badly driven (even if sometimes it is not on purpose).

Let's take an example. Go to this sample web page[^]. Save the page locally. Bring up your favorite text editor and just add <xml> somewhere in the code. Reload in your favorite browser :

- Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird? ==> fine.
- IE ==> blank page.


Here it is. Enjoy!
Stephane Rodriguez- June 22, 2003.