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Tracking changes in text Oct 14
.NET is not ready for prime time Aug 7
getting rid of Internet Explorer index.dat files July 31



  Internet Explorer funny things
Article -- getting rid of index.dat files
No more user web surf tracking
   article and source code

Article -- IE favorites in proper order
A way to extract IE favorites that is relevant
   article and source code

Article -- A fine IE time saver
Copy urls to images in your clipboard
   article and source code

Article -- Stealing user's clipboard content
Describes a seamless technique to play around with the clipboard
   article and source code

Article -- Explicit web page wreckage
Describes how to wreck IE rendered web pages
   article and source code

  C# programming
Article -- SDI/MDI Application wizards
Adds two useful project templates for C# document-centric apps
   article and source code

Article -- Html Gets Hooked
Taking total control of web pages
   article and source code

Article -- Popup killer application
Automatically close banned Internet Explorer windows
   article and source code

Article -- Preemptive Popup killer technique
Code snippet to host browsers able to ban automatically popup windows
   article and source code

Article -- .NET Internet Explorer fix
OnBeforeNavigate2 issue solved
   article and source code

Article -- .NET TreeView control extension
Enable multiple selection in .Net treeview controls
   article and source code
  .NET platform
Article -- .NET is not ready for prime time
Why it's impossible to deploy .NET applications reliably.

Article -- .NET interop marshaling made easier
A technique to solve the .NET DllImport declaration issues.
   article and source code

Article -- VC++7 ==> VC++6 project converter
Automatically converts .sln/.vcproj pairs to .dsw/.dsp pairs
   article and source code

Article -- MSDN7 link converter
Share your ms-help:// links from MSDN library without bothering anymore
   article and tool

Article -- MSDN7 scrolling bug fix
A fix for an irritating MSDN7 help scrolling bug
   article and binaries
  XML programming
Article -- Xml Automation Bridge
Xmlize your SDK without adding a single line of code
   article and source code

Article -- Xml optimization
Reveal underlying Xml design and semantics
   article and source code

Article -- Export registry sections as Xml
Simplify registry diffs with registry in Xml format
   article and source code

Article -- Simple xml parser
An xml parser under 100 lines of C/C++ code
   article and source code
  Introducing quality web design
Article -- A faster web
Guidelines for thiner HTML code generation
    part I
    part II
    part III

Article -- Inside web components
Syntax model and real world use
  in french  part I
  in french  part II

Article -- Automating the web
The web seen as a reusable and structured data source provider
  in french  part I
  in french  part II
  in french  part III (zip)
  in french  part IV
  in french  part V

Article -- Html Preview
Automatically builds Html page thumbnails
   article and source code

Article -- Creating auto-clickable urls
A useful javascript code for message boards
   article and source code

  C++ programming
Article -- Automated IE SaveAs Mhtml
Provide the SaveAs Mhtml feature to C++ developers
   article and source code

Article -- html filter to ban pop ups of all kinds
Provide an efficient systray tool to avoid annoying web pop ups
   article and source code

Tool -- xml-based html filtering rules
Filter out ads, banners, popups, and perform advanced processing
   product and article

Tool -- diff tool
Diff tool with html front end
   article and source code

Article -- A simple yet debuggable COM skeleton code
Tutorial showing how to build COM components from scratch
   article and source code

Article -- SendTo mail recipient
Programmatically use the SendTo mail recipient shortcut
   part I  part II

Article -- Win32 dialog helpers
Add resizing and ActiveX control support to Win32 dialogs
   article and source code

Article -- Efficient strings
Replace MFC CString with high performance strings
   article and source code

Article -- String formatter
Useful ### ##0,00 formatter
   article and source code

Article -- GIF/JPEG picture loader
Loading pictures without any libraries
   article and source code

Article -- Auto-expand when debugging C++ code
A technique to save time and hassles when debugging
   article and source code

Article -- An expression evaluator
Simple general purpose C++ implementation
   article and source code

Article -- Fast string search
Benchmark comparison between C, C++, Java and C#
   article and source code

Article -- stristr
x86 assembly code for case insensitive search
   article and source code

Article -- cxom
A cross-platform object model framework
   article and source code

Article -- Efficient object comparison
An extension to string comparison
   article and source code

Article -- MSWord-like tracking changes in text
A simple algorithm to track changes between revisions of text
   article and source code (C++ and PHP)

General-purpose encryption tool doc  exe
Office 2000+XP html/xml reference, (627 kb). You won't find this documentation in the Microsoft site. It was silently removed by Microsoft site in August 2003, a move aimed to force developers and customers to upgrade the always-latest offerings, Office 2003 and the accompanying xml schemas.
Ordonnance ophtalmologique opticien doc
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xlsgen - native Excel generator

Automatic Video Slicer - create video web thumbnails

Html filter - eradicate ads and javascript

CHM aggregator - Simpler help search

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